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Tax Season Timeline
Info Session Dates
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Fall 2021 Training

Tax Season Timeline

Tax Preparation Begins: Friday, February 7, 2022

Tax Season Ends: Saturday, April 3, 2022

1. Go to Volunteers → Meeting/Training Schedule → Volunteer Agreement Upload

(To upload Volunteer Agreement or to get instruction of Volunteer Agreement)

2. Sign up for a shift on the Shift Schedules tab under Volunteers


Info Session Dates

Friday, September 7th @ 6PM PST

Info Session Slide Link 


General Meetings

General Meeting #1: Tuesday, September 21th @ 6PM PST 

Recording Link

“Intro to Tax” Slide Link

General Meeting #2:  Tuesday, October 19th @ 6PM PST 

General Meeting #2 Slide Link

General Meeting #3: Tuesday, November 2nd @ 6PM PST 

General Meeting #3 Slide Link

Mock Returns

General Meeting #4: Tuesday, November 16th @ 6PM PST 

ㄴRecording Link 

ㄴGeneral Meeting #4 Slide Link


Training Sessions

KPMG Fall 2021 Training

Fall Training Slides

Deloitte Spring 2022 Refresher Training Slides

Spring Refresher Slides